Agreenet’s CTO Irene Masante interviewed by Impact Europe Podcast

We are thrilled to share that our very own Irene Masante, CTO of Agreenet, was recently interviewed on Impact Europe’s podcast! This engaging discussion revolved around our journey as a startup, our innovative approach to reducing food waste, and our commitment to sustainability. We feel excited about this opportunity to connect with a wider audience and share our mission.

In the podcast, Irene talks about the origins of Agreenet and how the idea for our unique product, Ally, a plant-based coating that extends the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, was born out of the desire to combat food waste. As a startup that focuses on the circular economy, we believe in finding sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the community. Irene discusses how we work closely with local farmers to create a win-win situation where we help them reduce waste while they provide us with raw materials for our product.

She explains how our team of three co-founders—Gustavo Gonzalez, Stefano Ferioli, and herself—came together during the ‘Talenti per l’Impresa’ program run by Fondazione CRT and decided to tackle one of the most pressing issues in the food industry: waste. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in such a short time, and the podcast captures that sense of momentum and purpose.

Impact Europe does a fantastic job of exploring the broader implications of food waste and its impact on food insecurity, environmental degradation, and water scarcity. Listening to Irene’s insights, I was reminded of why we do what we do at Agreenet. It’s not just about creating a product; it’s about making a positive impact on the world around us.

If you want to learn more about how we’re contributing to a more sustainable future and hear Irene’s thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector, I highly recommend checking out the podcast. You can listen to the full episode [here](link to podcast). It’s an inspiring conversation that will leave you feeling hopeful about the potential for innovation to drive meaningful change.

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are grateful for opportunities like this to share our story. Thank you, Impact Europe, for giving us a platform to talk about our work and our vision. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Agreenet, and we’re excited to have you along for the journey!

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