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The future of food packaging

Our first white paper
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About us

Agreenet is a startup specialized in the design and development of innovative materials aimed at protecting fresh foods and optimizing their shelf life. 

Our mission is to fight food waste and improve food safety through the use of active biopolymers.

Reducing food waste along the supply chain.

Reducing the use of plastics in the food industry.

Raising stakeholder awareness for a more responsible supply chain.

Our products

Materiali a base biologica e biodegradabili, accuratamente selezionati per prolungare la durata di conservazione di frutta e verdura fresca e altri alimenti freschi.

I nostri prodotti possono essere personalizzati in base alle esigenze del cliente.


Il bollino salva-freschezza per frutta fresca

How it works?

  1. PìFresc is placed inside the package
  2. Once inside, it release natural ingredients 
  3. These ingredients inhibit mould growth

PìFresc works on

Citrus fruits





PìFresc works on

An impactful solution

Our solutions are designed to create a positive environmental and social impact by offering bioactive materials that increase the shelf life of fresh food products, thus reducing food waste and losses

We are scientists, we like numbers. Here are some of them:

Food waste


reduction of food waste due to inadequate storage conditions

CO2 emissions



of CO2 no longer emitted to the environment thanks to food no longer wasted

Consumo di energia


of energy saved by ensuring better storage conditions

Water saving


of water saved associated with the reduction of food waste


We are designing new solutions

Our team

Gustavo holds a PhD and a Master's Degree in Materials Science, with solid experience in the development of innovative and functional polymers. He has more than 8 years of practical experience, having contributed to various inventions and patents for several companies.

Gustavo Gonzalez

CEO & Co-founder

Irene holds a PhD in Biotechnology and is a certified biologist with over 7 years of experience in food analysis and quality control. She has experience in cell culture sampling and molecular biology techniques.

Irene Masante

CTO & Co-founder

Stefano holds a Master's Degree in Management Engineering with a specialization in Innovation Management. He is actively engaged in the startup ecosystem, also as a business angel investor, with a particular interest in sustainability and fintech.

Stefano Ferioli

CMO/CFO & Co-founder

Sara holds a Master's Degree in sustainable crop management and has experience, both in Italy and abroad, as a research assistant at various companies. Sara have worked on the development of innovative technological solutions for agriculture.

Sara Pezzulli

R&D Scientist

Roberta is a graphics expert and has a degree in Communication Sciences. She is passionate about photography and has skills in communication and social media management. At Agreenet, she is responsible for defining and executing the communication strategy.

Roberta Di Fiore

Design Communication

Claudia is a PhD candidate in Biotechnology and has a Master's Degree in Agri-food Biotechnology. Her research is focused on synthetic biology, with applications in the nutraceutical, environmental and pharmaceutical fields.

Claudia Battarra

R&D Scientist

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